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I’m sorry but I just feel like a celebrity’s friend when I hear people flipping out over Cassidy saying she’s their favorite youtuber & stuff. This is a chick I’ve known since we were like 7 maybe. Neighbors since we were 5. I remember her sending me a link to her first youtube video. Now she’s getting married & I got the invite today in the mail & I’m just so excited.

Cassidy is getting married this Friday and I still don't receive my invitation. I. Am. Hurt.


My best friend got married today, life is unreal.


My best friend got married today, life is unreal.


Super huge congratulations to cassjaytuck!! Actually, now CassJaySharp! Wishing you lots of awesome years together! and your wedding dress is gorgeous

irismary asked
What are you and Jordan planning to do after you are married? Hang on, when are you planning to get married anyway? I watched your video where he preposes to you. It was really sweet of him to catch ou by the 'Wishing Well'!


Jordan is moving into my apartments and is going to be a part of my new YouTube ch—-uh, cha cha slide! Yeah. That’s what I was saying. I wasn’t giving AWAY anything…haha…ha

We’re getting married in 19 days!